1. One time mitigation payment. Profits from power generation by the Albeni Falls Dam was supposed to begin when the construction costs of the federally-built dam was paid off.  That occurred in 1960.  We seek a 1-time “back payment” to the residents and governments  of N. Idaho for those promised profits.
  2. Annual Hydropower annuity payment. This would represent a yearly payment to the Albeni Falls Dam’s upstream stakeholders based on hydropower sales.
  3. Have Albeni Falls Dam In the Hands of State and Local Entities As Directed In Senate Document #9. “Upstream Stakeholders” (that’s us) have the most to lose or gain by the way the dam is operated.  This local control was directed by Senate Document #9, but quietly “ignored  by the Army Corps Of Engineers and the Bonneville Power Association.  It’s time to to have that control of the dam transferred to the citizen of Idaho
  4. Higher winter lake level. We have proven there are alternatives to the 11.5’ annual drawdown of Lake Pend Oreille that avoid the economic, property, shoreline and facility damage it causes each year.  We ask for a more reasonable and less severe drawdown that accomplishes the same flood-control and power-generation benefits.
  5. Hold the normal pool elevation of 2062.5 feet in Pend Oreille Lake from no later than the Friday before Memorial Day through September, and the water control manual shall be modified to conform to this direction. Senate Document #9 direct the lake to be at full pool for 6 months of the year…I Imagine the economic benefits of the cities and residents of our area if we could gain “full pool”  recreational access to Lake Pend Oreille for more than the 2 ⅔ months we currently have.  
  6. Economic Impact Study regarding the importance of the lake and its elevations. We seek an independent and comprehensive study that would reveal the economic, recreational and environmental impact Lake Pend Oreille has on the people of our region.  We are positive it would point out the need for local management of this amazing resource.

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